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Address: Halutz 35, Haifa, Israel
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managing director

Hotel review by Vijay, Switzerland in 10 January 2012

excellent truly superb low cost hotel. The service from the manager and staff is truly exceptional. The rooms are clean and the location is right in the center of Haifa. I would highly recommend this hotel for anybody travelling with Haifa single or with family. Very safe, clean and responsive sta...

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Loui Boutique Hotel

Hotel review by Philip, United Kingdom in 30 September 2011

I found it absolutly spotless and clean. Friendly staff. Good value for money....

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Motel louis haifa

Hotel review by didier, France in 14 August 2011

L'hôtel est bien situé dans Haifa. Mais hormis l'accueil qui est excellent, c'est un endroit de passage : pas de hall d'accueil, pas de prestation supplémentaire autre que la chambre, un décor pour le moins simple... reste le très bon accueil du patron....

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"excellent truly superb low cost hotel. The service from the manager and staff is truly exceptio..."
Vijay, Switzerland
10 January 2012
Philip, United Kingdom
30 September 2011

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