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Address: kibbuts almog mp arvot hayarden
Kibbutz Hotel
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Hotel review by Sarah, United States in 24 January 2014

Of all the places we have stayed in Israel, this place is our favourite by far. We will DEFINITELY come back here. So peaceful, friendly, clean and lovely. So much nicer than the highly recommended super-expensive hotel we stayed in in Jerusalem. So so glad we stayed here....

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Hotel review by Deborah, United Kingdom in 25 June 2012

Bonjour, N'ayant pas reçu d'email de confirmation de l'hôtel, je les ai appelé et ils n'ont jamais eu ma confirmation!!! Je n'ai donc pas passé mon séjour dans cet hôtel! J'espère que vous n'avez pas débité ma carte bleue!!!!!!!...

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Hotel review by william, United States in 27 July 2011

the only negative,which was major. a bus load of youth came in a 1:00 am and next door and all outside they screamed,hollered,ran,banged the doors and played until 4:00am. needless to say, the reason for staying, rest for my travel the next day; was none existent. there was no hotel staff to help wi...

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"Of all the places we have stayed in Israel, this place is our favourite by far. We will DEFINIT..."
Sarah, United States
24 January 2014

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