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Address: Ruppin Bridge at Herzl Blvd, 91033, Israel
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"Hotel is not in the center of town and that is why the price is so much lower than comparable h..."
Mark, United States
29 January 2012
ashley, United States
21 December 2011

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Great Price for okay location

Hotel review by Mark, United States in 29 January 2012

Hotel is not in the center of town and that is why the price is so much lower than comparable hotels in the center of town, but you can easily take the new light rail into the center or to the old city...

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Hotel review by ashley, United States in 21 December 2011

I think the lobby area could be a little updated....

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Hotel review by Norma, United Kingdom in 03 January 2010

I stay frequently at the Ramada as it is convenient for visiting my children and grandchildren.Whilst the facilities are excellent there are some very irritating service qualities that I would like to see change.1.The desk personnel are not as helpful as I would like.Nobody explains where your room ...

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Hotel review by Yakov, Canada in 02 July 2009

comparable to a 3 star hotel in the states. nice clean newly renovated room,good Israeli breakfast. Main downside is that the location is not near the action...

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Overall Review

Hotel review by Sanford, Israel in 15 June 2009

We were overall very pleased with the Ramada during our stay. We find the convince and atmosphere to be exceptionally good. Our only criticism is that the air conditioning in the room is too noisy, so we spent most of the time without it, even though the weather was quite warm. Bottom line: We look...

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