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Address: kibbuts almog mp arvot hayarden
Kibbutz Hotel
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Kibbutz Hotel

  • There are 4 room types in this hotel

Garden Rooms

The 25 garden rooms are suitable for two or three guests per room. All of the garden rooms are on ground level facing a large lawn.

Ecological Rooms

These 9 special rooms are suitable for couples and individuals. The room design affords the ecological rooms a special ambience. In these rooms you will find energy-saving lighting, a water recycling system, a designer bathtub.

Og Rooms

The 15 Og River rooms face the Judean Desert cliffs. The spacious rooms are suitable for couples and families. All rooms have a patio on which to enjoy morning coffee and view the magnificent desert views and green expanses of lawns.

Chan Rooms

30 khan (inn) rooms are located in a special caravanserai- shaped area opening onto a beautifully appointed central courtyard. The spacious rooms are suitable for couples and families. The inn rooms, with a patio facing the desert panoramas, are the perfect place for family or private affairs, and for tourists seeking a unique desert ambience.

"Of all the places we have stayed in Israel, this place is our favourite by far. We will DEFINIT..."
Sarah, United States
24 January 2014

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