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Address: 8 Antib Road North Shore, 88121, Eilat, Israel
Leisure Hotel
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"the hotel is situated in a great location. it is very impressive however, the service is unacce..."
Elie, United States
30 July 2013

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  • Rating 3/5Hotel (overall)
  • Rating 4/5Food
  • Rating 5/5Public areas (Pool, Lobby, Bar)
  • Rating 5/5Cleanliness/Hygiene
  • Rating 5/5Room comfort
  • Rating 5/5Atmosphere and design
  • Rating 5/5Bathroom
  • Rating 2/5Service
  • Rating 5/5Location
  • Rating 3/5Value for money

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  • Rating 3/5Traveling alone
  • Rating 3/5Families with young children
  • Rating 3/5Families with older children
  • Rating 3/5Romantic vacation
  • Rating 3/5Seniors
  • Rating 3/5Business
  • Rating 3/5With friends

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location again:

Nice try but..

Posted by Elie

the hotel is situated in a great location. it is very impressive however, the service is unacceptable. We ordered 2 rooms and received the second one only at 5pm instead of 3pm. We were also told that there are no available rooms on the same floor. We have children and this was not acceptable, especially since we made both invitiaons together. After speaking with a wonderful deputy manager Megan , she made sure we would have two rooms on the same floor. In addition, she also compensated us with cake and water in the rooms as well as upgraded us to a mini suite. Believing this was adequate we were quite surprised when we were also invited for a free dinner. The food is delicious. The service isn't. While waiting in the lobby for our rooms, we ordered lunch..we waited 30 min. The waitress got our order wrong twice and in the end, we gave up. The Israelis staying there were quite loud, rude , one lady was about to explode for not receiving her room on time, another guy was actually escorted by security out of the hotel..but the reason why we would probably not return is the unorganized way the hotel is managed. Besides the unbelievable fact that there is no free wi if in rooms, we had to wait 30 min in line for breakfast. Upon being escorted to a table by a waitress, we then went to pick up our food. When we returned to out table, thetable was already taken by a different family. We turned to the waitress who apologized and seated us somewhere else. Learning our lesson from the day before, we promptly placed our caps and a napkin with the word "taken" on the table. Unfortunately the same thing happened again and our caps were on the floor. We promptly complained to the manger about this. Isn't there a simple way to make sure the guests who are seated somewhere, aren't going to lose their table when they go to get food.. Such a simple solution like putting a RESEREVED sign down by the waiter once the table is taken.. Instead all they do is cross the knife and fork on the extreme side.. As if anyone is going to pay attention. Nice try Megan but too many things bring my recommendation way down..

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