Nof Ginosar Hotel Sea of Galille Review - 60% stars hotel

Address: Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel
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Nof Ginosar Hotel Sea of Galille - Reviews 100
"Excellent Hotel and great experience..."
Patricia, United States
09 November 2012
Alan, United Kingdom
20 October 2012

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Traveler Rating:


  • Rating 3/5Hotel (overall)
  • Rating 4/5Food
  • Rating 4/5Public areas (Pool, Lobby, Bar)
  • Rating 3/5Cleanliness/Hygiene
  • Rating 4/5Room comfort
  • Rating 3/5Atmosphere and design
  • Rating 3/5Bathroom
  • Rating 2/5Service
  • Rating 3/5Location
  • Rating 1/5Value for money

I recommend this hotel for:

  • Rating 2/5Traveling alone
  • Rating 3/5Families with young children
  • Rating 3/5Families with older children
  • Rating 2/5Romantic vacation
  • Rating 5/5Seniors
  • Rating 2/5Business
  • Rating 2/5With friends

Would stay at this
location again:

highly overpriced hotel

Posted by Vadim

Service is very simple - you don't bother us, we won't bother you. The rooms are actually in two-story bungalows, refurbished several years ago. Food is ok, fresh juices. Location is good if you have a car. Overall impression - the hotel is highly overpriced, as almost any hotel in Galilee.

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