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Address: 2 Vilnay Street, Jerusalem 95435, Israel
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"fabulos service from NASSER ..."
ERIC , Canada
15 February 2013
connie, United States
03 December 2012

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Traveler Rating:


  • Rating 3/5Hotel (overall)
  • Rating 3/5Food
  • Rating 3/5Public areas (Pool, Lobby, Bar)
  • Rating 4/5Cleanliness/Hygiene
  • Rating 3/5Room comfort
  • Rating 4/5Atmosphere and design
  • Rating 4/5Bathroom
  • Rating 2/5Service
  • Rating 5/5Location
  • Rating 4/5Value for money

I recommend this hotel for:

  • Rating 4/5Traveling alone
  • Rating 4/5Families with young children
  • Rating 2/5Families with older children
  • Rating 3/5Romantic vacation
  • Rating 4/5Seniors
  • Rating 2/5Business
  • Rating 2/5With friends

Would stay at this
location again:

Middle of the range

Posted by Tormod

Best thing to say: It is clean and you can sleep rather well. Once in a while someone in the reception actually smiles and try to help you with your problem. However, they are eager not to make it into a habit. The food is not worth mentioning (even more so because Israeli food in general are very good, but at this hotel it is mediocre), and the public areas are rather grey and drab. Well, in Israel they give it three stars and a plus. In Northern Europe the same hotel would have got three stars and a minus. Guess you get what you pay for. A smile should come for free, though...

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