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Address: 3 Havakuk Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
All Suite Hotel
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Great Stay!

Hotel review by Dale, United States in 28 January 2010

The greatest asset of this place is their staff, they were all great, from the room cleaner to the wait staff! The front desk was friendy helpful and just really good. Our room was on the back side and quiet! The worst would probably be the parking places available. Close to the beach, and close...

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Alexander Suites, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hotel review by Gale, United States in 28 January 2009

This was our first visit to the Alexander Suites hotel. The staff was very helpful and polite. The location is wonderful, just steps from the beach. We were able to walk to shopping and restaurants very easily. The rooms were clean and I liked the design. We will definitely return....

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Hotel review by Amanda, United Kingdom in 14 December 2008

it was nice having the hotel being refurbished since our previous visit. Gym should be open for longer time. thanks ...

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"The greatest asset of this place is their staff, they were all great, from the room cleaner to ..."
Dale, United States
28 January 2010
Gale, United States
28 January 2009

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