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Address: North Shore, P.O.Box 2120, Israel
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Hotel review by Reidar, Norway in 13 March 2011

My wife and I stayed for 8 days and were very satisfied with the hotel. The only complaints were lack of cleaning of the room and that many of the employees did not speak English. Russian seemed to be the preferred language in addition to Hebrew. Also we would like to have more English language TV ...

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Hotel review by Paldon, Belgium in 10 December 2009

I am an old Meridian client in several countries but I was disappointing in our short stay . I find it against general rules of hotels of good reputation to insist on charging and paying the costs of our entire credit card-booked stay in advance upon arrival and not at the end of our stay wit...

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Hotel review by gary, United States in 09 December 2009

Negatives: Not easy if you do not speak Hebrew or Russian . Front desk is slow, inefficient, so you wait and wait while the desk let's people talk, talk, talk. Positives: Good entertainment, fine spa, very decent food, all you want. ...

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Hotel review by Yael, United States in 01 December 2009

this hotel came up as one of the most beautiful resorts in the dead sea. it was so bad the room is so dirty, the sheets towels, the dining room food was the worst experience for us here in Israel . the spa treatment was good the facility is gross, so bad the shower has old tile and mildew, ....

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Hotel review by Ronit, Australia in 11 June 2009

The staff in general were not friendly or hospitable, or helpful. In particular when we checked in and out, the gentleman who attended to us didn't smile once and acted as if we were bothering him by being there. The woman who was attending the sulfur pools was downright depressed and depressive. ...

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Hotel review by Georges, Russian Federation in 10 March 2009

very noisy hotel in the restaurant and salon bars areas there is no place to have a rest without noise except your room. it s a pity. regards...

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Hotel review by Isaac, Israel in 19 February 2009

The "Dinner" was included in the package. Food one of the worst ever found in a "normal" hotel Restaurant was suppose to be open till 21:00 hrs. , we arrived at 19:45 almost no food remain. At 20:15 all the "rest" of the food was removed from the desks and we were literally pushed out from the din...

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"Too expensive for Americans...."
Reidar, Norway
13 March 2011

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