Golden Crown- Nazareth stars hotel

Address: Israel

Hotel Description:

Alongside the mount of the precipice, at the entrance to one of the world's most beautiful cities, stands Nazareth's flagship hotel, the refurbished Golden Crown Nazareth hotel. Along with the historical sites, the sights and the tastes of this city - as fascinating as it is charming - the hotel offers peopole of all religions the unique and unforgettable five-star experience of ethnic hospitality and culinary richness.

Rooms: 243


The Golden Crown Hotel is situated at the southern entrance to Nazareth - one of the loveliest and most fascinating cities in the world - alongside the Mount of the Precipice and overlooking the marvelous landscapes of the picturesque Jezreel Valley. The hotel, which is suited for groups, resort holiday makers and business travelers, conventions, workshops and seminars, is but a short walk away from historical Nazareth and its holy sites. In addition, it can serve as a comfortable jumping off point for walks by experienced hikers and for bicycle and jeep trips as well, both in Nazareth and throughout the Galilee.

Pictures from the hotel