Arazim Metula stars hotel

Address: Ha Rishonim 46 St. Israel
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Hotel Description:

between stunning views, green spaces and clear mountain air is located Arazim Mutula Hotel.
Arazim Mutula Hotel was founded in 1944 by the Belsky family. The walls of the hotel harbors stories of the past such as meetings and armistice committees, activities of non-Gaelic pilgrimages in pre-state, an international communication center reporting and other regional events.
Arazim Mutula Hotel is located at the main street of Metula- Ha Rishonim St. The hotel is suitable for families and couples alike.
The Arazim Mutula Hotel kosher kitchen is at your disposal offering a rich European menu.
At the center of a green grape garden located the hotels summer swimming pool with a special pastoral atmosphere.
At your service a ping-pong table , French chess, synagogue near the hotel, wireless Internet at no additional cost, attached free parking.
Recently opened a new rooms Division at Arazim Hotel. All rooms are spacious, luxurious and decorated with thought of our guests comfort.
At the new wing at your disposal a luxury suite and a special handicapped room.

Rooms: 48

At Arazim Mutula Hotel all rooms include: cable TV, bathroom, refrigerator, coffee corner, air conditioning system.
26 Deluxe rooms including all the contents of a Standard room plus an outdoor terrace with beautiful view.
5 Suites containing all existing in Deluxe room plus a Jacuzzi, bathrobes, free wireless Internet.
At your disposal, two family units including: cable TV, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.


Arazim Mutula Hotel is located at the main street of Metula- Ha Rishonim St.

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